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Soon after I became an RD I realized that the one-size-fits-all approach was inadequate. Pursuing a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I sought to understand individuals better. However, healing the gut and optimizing nutrition didn't meet expectations. Only when I explored inflammation and immunology did everything fall into place. Studying with Functional Medicine Immunologists gave me the foundation to care for every patient, emphasizing the importance of healing the gut, optimizing nutrition, and addressing immune/inflammatory imbalances in the healing process.

Now, I get to share that knowledge with you, and why I created the Immunology for Dietitians & Nutritionists (IDN) course. Advancing your knowledge in immunology will help you create a well-rounded approach in your practice and better serve your patients.




The missing puzzle piece for our patients more often than not is inflammation and a deep understanding of the immune system

IDN simplifies a complex topic by unravelling the inner workings of all immune system cells. This helps you understand inflammation comprehensively and, more importantly, learn the practical clinical and nutritional applications. It equips you to guide your patients to the next level in their healing journey.




IDN Course

Become a master of immunology in 8-weeks and transform the way you care for patients. This is the only program of its kind specifically designed to empower dietitians and nutritionists to analyze, understand, and care for patients on an entirely different immunological level. The immune system is the foundation of health. With this new expertise, you will have a clearly defined focus and a straightforward clinical path with patients of all levels of complexity.


Working 1:1 I help you plan your patient’s programs using real-life case studies. We address your food, supplement, and lifestyle modification recommendations and then you will learn how to analyze bloodwork to avoid unnecessary and expensive testing, if possible. We will dive deep into pivoting strategies when our initial recommendations are not tolerated or ineffective. My Mentorship program is per case study review.

Monthly Forum

For IDN graduates only. The Monthly Forum invites IDN graduates to a community group where we have ongoing discussions and monthly live sessions. 


The forum is a great place to be if you are looking for community access, and networking opportunities and to learn how other practitioners are applying their knowledge and growing their practice.


IDN Course Pricing

IDN Online Course


Become a master of immunology in 8-weeks and transform the way you care for patients.

IDN Payment Plan: For those who don’t want to pay in full



This package includes the 8-week course as well as four 90-minute one-on-one mentor sessions.

IDN Payment Plan: For those who don’t want to pay in full


IDN Forum

$350/ Annually

Join the community of fellow IDN graduates. This forum is a place to ask questions, get advice, and connect with other practitioners

IDN Forum Monthly


Join the community of fellow IDN graduates. This forum is a place to ask questions, get advice, and connect with other practitioners


Mentorship (five case study)


This package consists of five 60-minute mentorship sessions with Stacy (founder of Heal From Food). 

Mentorship (one session)


This package consists of one 90-minute mentorship session with Stacy (founder of Heal From Food). 

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What Client's Are Saying


"As a dietitian working in functional nutrition and genomics, Stacy’s program beautifully complemented prior classes in the field. It also highlights the differences we, as dieticians, can make with tailored dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Stacy is an incredible teacher who works with the class to ensure the complex material is easy to understand."

Jessica Hoffman RDN, CD, FMN, Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician


Have Questions?

  • Does Immunology For Dietitians & Nutritionists (IDN) offer continuing education credits?
    Upon completion of the course, you will be provided certificate of completion and a course outline with objectives and topics to be submitted and the course should be approved for 17 CEUs
  • Does IDN accept students who are not Dietitians or Nutritionists?
    This course is appropriate for all healthcare professionals. Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Doctors have all enjoyed IDN.
  • For how long will the content remain available?
    The content remains available for one month following the end of the course. IDN graduates are invited to join IDN’s Community Forum where we continue to review course content and a variety of Functional Medicine/Nutrition topics.
  • What is the time commitment each week and what if I am unable to attend the weekly live session?
    On Sunday of every week, 60 minutes worth of pre-recorded content will become available for your viewing and can be viewed on your own time. A 1-hour themed live session will take place every Wednesday at 6pmET. The live session will be recorded and available for your viewing should you be unable to attend live on Wednesday.
  • Will there be an opportunity for me to get advice/suggestions for specific case studies/patients with whom I am currently working?
    Yes, you are able to add case studies to the discussion forum to be discussed during our live sessions. There are one or two live sessions entirely dedicated to reviewing case studies.
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