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In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, Stacy has truly changed my life!  Being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, I have suffered from fatigue and joint pain for as long as I can remember.  Thanks to Stacy's personalized diet and supplement plan, I can now say I have taken my life back!  I wake up in the morning feeling well-rested and energetic.  I've learned that I can heal my body through food; something I had previously thought was a myth.  In addition to my renewed energy, my triglycerides have been cut in half over the course of six months and I'm feeling healthier and stronger than I have in the past 15 years.  And an unrelated side-effect (one that I'm thrilled about!) is that I have actually lost weight through this journey.  My husband and two daughters feel very fortunate due to my positive progress as I can now enjoy time with them without constant exhaustion and pain.  Stacy is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients.  I can't express my gratitude enough for everything she has done for me and my family! -Lara E

I was so desperate looking for someone to help me restore health without taking pills. My symptoms were nausea, vomiting, bloated belly, diarrhea, and hormonal imbalance. I found Stacy Seslowsky’s website and scheduled a consult. Consult confirmed that I found the right person to treat my symptoms. After few weeks,, I feel fantastic and my problems are resolved. I’m very grateful for Stacy Seslowsky’s care and huge knowledge about different conditions. I am recommending Stacy Seslowsky to anybody who wants to heal their body without medications. -Izabela M

I started working with Stacy due to a diagnosis of cancer. The doctors put me on Keto for Cancer, but I was struggling to get my ratio's right. Stacy helped me break it down, get me on the right kind of healing foods and has been an awesome support for me in this journey. Her knowledge in alternative herbals and vitamins are extensive and amazing. -Chris T

I had a wonderful experience with Stacy. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders for most of my life, I have had a lot of past negative experiences with dieticians. I approached Stacy looking for some support on how to better nourish my body as I worked toward recovery. She was patient, honored my limitations and boundaries with food, and challenged me to challenge myself. 10/10 would recommend. -Devon S

Stacy was recommended to me by my doctor. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements and has worked with me to develop a personalized plan to support my health concerns. I feel like my body is stronger and healthier since I began working with Stacy. She is very personable and caring. I highly recommend Stacy! -Donna S

Stacy does a great job of working with you to create an individualized plan to improve your health. Grateful for the expertise she provides! -Stephanie

Stacy was so easy to work with. She helped me through all aspects of nutrition. First, she was able to listen to my history and my thoughts of how I thought of food. She helped me identify my roadblocks and gave me a new way to think of nutrition. She helped me learn to research, and to eat whole foods. This is a new thought to me. I have loved trying the new foods and recipes she created. I am never hungry, always full and have flavorful ideas of new things to try. I’m not on a diet for the first time in years and my weight is so much better after only a month of working with Stacy. I’m in better shape now than when I was 20 and an avid athlete. Thank you so much for helping to improve my health, energy, and overall self-esteem with my new bod. -Daniel M

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