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Nutritional Counseling

What to Expect

A thorough assessment of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, environmental exposures, emotional well-being and available laboratory values.

Creation of a step-by-step nutrition, supplement and behavior modification plan developed to meet your unique needs and put you on a path toward healing.

We will communicate with your doctor, as required along the way, to coordinate your care and promote optimal health and quality of life.

Follow-up appointments allow for evaluation of your progress and modifications as needed.


Initial Consultation

15 minute FREE Discovery Call


First Appointment 90 mins


includes evaluation and review of your medical history and intake form


Follow-up Appointments 45 min


By Appointment Only 
To schedule an appointment, email

All Appointments are conducted virtually. 



Meal Plans


Shopping Lists


Stress Management Strategies 


Discounted Supplements

Discounted Metabolic, Hormonal, Gut Microbiome, & Genetic Testing


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