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Immunology for Dietitians
& Nutritionists (IDN)

Registered Participants

Become a master of immunology in 8-weeks and transform the way you care for patients. This is the only program of its kind specifically designed to empower dietitians and nutritionists to analyze, understand, and care for patients on an entirely different immunological level. The immune system is the foundation of health. With this new expertise, you will have a clearly defined focus and a straightforward clinical path with patients of all levels of complexity.

You are the right fit for IDN if…


You seek to understand how the immune system, and acute and chronic inflammation is impacting the health and nutritional status of your patients. You’d like to use nutrients to address underlying immune imbalances and optimize patient health outcomes.


Physiological factors are preventing your patients from feeling their best even after healing the gut and improving the diet. 


You want to thoroughly understand how to interpret blood work, use immunological terminology when speaking with patients and doctors, and comprehend every aspect of journal articles to remain current in nutritional research.


You'd like to refine your focus, feel more confident and have a clear path to optimizing patient outcomes.

By the end of IDN, you will be able to…


Acquire more paid customers and maximize patient retention because you will confidently describe your care plans to new and existing clients no matter the complexity of their diagnosis.


Significantly improve patient success rates with the skills to understand and address a most influential underlying aspect of their biology.

Analyze routine bloodwork and avoid unnecessary, expensive tests. Individualize and appropriately choose nutrients and herbal remedies.


Stand out amongst peers in the healthcare industry and become recognized as the leading expert in the field of health creation.


But above all else…


Immunology for Dietitians & Nutritionists will give you the confidence and skills needed to generate business, accurately assess the needs of an expanded group of clientele, and successfully improve the health of all those with whom you work.

Course Options


Immunology For Dietitians & Nutritionists (IDN)

  • access to all lectures 

  • 8 live Q&A sessions

  • membership to IDN's exclusive interactive community


IDN + Mentorship

Save on Mentoring Sessions With IDN Registration

  • access to all lectures 

  • 8 live Q&A sessions

  • membership to IDN's exclusive interactive community

  • 4 private sessions to review individual patient case studies



IDN Course Descripton

IDN Course Description

Week 1

  • Meet the Immune System

  • Internal Versus External Inflammation

  • Conflict/Resolution

  • Themed Q&A Session: Thyroid and Hashimoto’s

Week 2

  • Innate versus Adaptive Immune

  • Cells of the Innate Immune System

  • Professional Antigen Presenting Cells (APC’s)

  • Themed Q&A Session: Adrenal Health

Week 3

  • Acute Phase

  • Innate Phase

  • Apoptosis versus Secondary Necrosis

  • Themed Q&A Session: Inflammation, Pyroptosis, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis

Week 4

  • Antigen Presentation

  • Cytokines, Co-Stimulatory Molecules, & Chemokines

  • Order of Operations

  • Themed Q&A Session: Adrenal review, Inflammation As The Root Of All Illness

Week 5

  • Cells of the Adaptive Immune System

  • T-Cells

  • B-Cells

  • Themed Q&A Session: Midpoint Review of Immune System, Inflammation and Inflammasomes

Week 6

  • Immune Response to Pathogens

  • Immune Response to Food

  • T-Cell Polarization

  • Themed Q&A Session: Your Case  Studies

Week 7

  • Autoimmune Initiation

  • Autoimmune Progression

  • T-Cell Polarization Continued

  • Themed Q&A Session: Hormones, Menstrual Cycle, PCOS

Week 8

  • Case Studies (Cancer, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation…)

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