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I have vivid memories of the exuberance, pride, and relief I felt 20 years ago when passing the exam to officially become a Registered Dietitian in NYC. I was ready to use food recommendations to help friends, family, and patients become their healthiest. 


I quickly came to realize that the 1800 calorie American Diabetic Association (ADA) diet wasn’t the solution to controlling blood sugar in all case scenarios. The donuts and white bread that renal patients were told to consume couldn’t possibly be health-promoting, and cutting out seeds from the diets of people with diverticulitis wasn’t going to reverse the inflammation. I was at a loss and self-doubt was all-consuming. 


That wasn’t the end to my discouragement. My husband was diagnosed with Graves Disease and I realized I had NO idea how to advise him nutritionally to avoid the medical and surgical alternatives. I returned to school to earn my Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine where I learned to seek root causes and view each unique individual person through an entirely new lense. 


Yet again, my overwhelming passion and excitement was shot down. Healing the gut, finding and eliminating intolerable foods, and optimizing nutrient intake didn’t seem to yield the successful patient outcomes I expected.  


Finally, I learned that the missing puzzle piece was inflammation and a deep understanding of the immune system. I went on to spend over two years studying alongside some of the most highly respected Functional Medicine Immunologists. Mastering this subject area has given me a foundation and clear direction with which to care for every patient. Healing the gut, optimizing nutrition, AND addressing immune/inflammatory imbalances are the essential aspects of healing.

The Immunology for Dietitians & Nutritionists (IDN) course I created is the only one of its kind specifically designed for dietitians and nutritionists. We will make sense of a very complicated topic. You will learn the inner-workings of all the cells of the immune system, acquire a complete understanding of all aspects of inflammation, and most importantly, learn the clinical and nutritional applications to help your customers reach the next level in their healing journey. How can foods and specific nutrients be used to resolve excessive inflammation and restore optimal immune balance? Learn how to analyze blood work from an immune perspective, speak intelligently with physicians regarding the status of shared patients, and thoroughly comprehend research studies using complex immunological terminology.


Registered Dietitians, you have dedicated your lives to healing people, there is nothing more admirable. I know the blood, sweat, and tears you shed to help patients, earn respect from doctors, and remain up-to-date on the most current science. You will finally be able to connect all the dots and gain the confidence to successfully help your patients no matter the diagnosis. We as Dietitians, have the advanced knowledge and tools to help people live healthier and happier than they think possible while reducing their dependence on pharmaceutical medications.

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