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ReCODE 2.0
Program designed to
reverse cognitive decline.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, CSO for Apollo Health, was the first neurodegenerative disease researcher to publish peer-reviewed groundbreaking studies on reversing cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease.


The ReCODE Program delivers personalized information and resources for those experiencing cognitive decline who are seeking a reversal of symptoms and brain health optimization with the Bredesen Protocol. The PreCODE Program is intended for individuals who are asymptomatic and interested in preventing cognitive decline and promoting brain health optimization.


Dr. Bredesen has identified more than 36 factors which could lead to cognitive decline. Through careful investigation of your unique genetic, metabolic, immune, environmental, nutritional, and other biochemical markers, we can implement appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications to restore brain health.

Take this 10-15 minute Cognitive Test to receive a snapshot of your cognitive abilities.

What to Expect

Discounted supplements: We take a food-first approach, however, nutrient and herbal remedies may have a life-altering impact. Carefully chosen supplements which are third-party tested for quality and purity may be recommended to address individual health concerns.


Discounted testing: Genetic, metabolic, stool, and hormonal tests may be considered in a case-by-case basis to provide insight into potential underlying imbalances.

By Appointment Only 
To schedule an appointment, email

All Appointments are conducted virtually. 

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Review of past medical history, bloodwork, diet, lifestyle, genetics, and environmental exposures.

Meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and instructions for blood glucose and ketone monitoring.

Stress management strategies, sleep hygiene guide, and recommendations for reduced toxin exposure and detoxification.

Brain exercise protocol and continuous monitoring of cognition.

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